Introducing Our WBC Cares UK Partnership

Introducing Our WBC Cares UK Partnership

Creating opportunities for young people across the UK

We’re incredibly proud to introduce our partnership with WBC Cares UK. We’ve got major plans together, creating a significant number of work opportunities for disadvantaged young people across the UK. 

WBC Cares work alongside young people, supporting them to achieve their goals through boxing and supporting them in their education and employment journeys. Through their work they encourage people to overcome barriers and work creatively to ensure no one is left behind.


Our Ambassador, Scott Welch is a driving force behind WBC Cares UK, is their UK Chairman and as a former boxing champ, understands first-hand the benefits as a result of boxing. 

You may already know Scott from his days as a professional UK boxer, in the course of his career having had 26 professional fights, with 22 wins and 17 knockouts. Scott was awarded the WBC green belt 15 years ago as a result of the good work he has done and continues to do for the community through boxing. 

7 years ago, Scott became chairman of WBC Cares UK. The UK was part of the original chapters of the World Boxing Council which has expanded to 166 countries.

“I believe that everybody has the right to access the many physical and psychological benefits that boxing has to offer. Stepping into the role of Chairman has provided me with the chance to make this belief a reality. As Chairman of WBC Cares UK, I endeavour to keep providing more boxing opportunities to our communities – by working together we can make boxing a sport of greater diversity and inclusivity."

Scott Welch - WBC Cares UK Chairman


Matthew Etherington is the Operations Manager at WBC Cares UK and has been integral to setting up the partnership. Matt’s a former marine, and met Scott having been discharged in 2014. Their journey started with Matt supporting Scott’s pro boxers and projects at the time. Leading up to working with WBC Cares, Matt did a lot of coaching and supportive work before joining the team at the Brighton and Hove Boxing Gym. His passion for boxing and supporting the younger generation has led to Matt working with WBC Cares.

The WBC Cares programmes creates positive change through boxing and being part of the boxing community. This can be a breakthrough moment for someone being drawn into crime, anti-social behaviour or joining a gang. The regular support, accountability and discipline through the Cares programmes often provides disadvantaged young people with support they’ve never had previously. 

The programmes start with Little Champs for kids aged 5 and upwards, through to young adults aged 16-24 years. 

Partnering with Shore Construction felt like the right journey for WBC Cares UK because it opens up the opportunities of employment, education and skills for those in South England who are NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training), prison leavers (probation) and disadvantaged youths needing support from the ages of 5 – 24 years. The partnership expands opportunities, fills gaps and helps the forgotten youth, including 18+ who have left care and needing direction, bridging that gap to adulthood. 

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The journey creating the programmes, started 7 years ago with regular sessions being held to help prevent anti-social behaviour, knife crime and support youths at risk in the London Burrows and South Coast. Running 16 regular sessions each week before lockdown hit. 

Surviving lockdown was a challenge but sessions still went ahead at places across the South such as Brighton and Hove Gym, Hangleton and Knoll, and Croydon Gym - as well as attending events that were still going ahead. The 6 regular lockdown sessions turned into 10 sessions as the schedule ramped up again. 


Networking has always been important to spread the WBC Cares message too. For example, one of the events coming up this month is Notting Hill Carnival. Having a presence at key events, builds the network and engages anyone struggling and in need of an outlet through boxing. WBC Cares UK is also working with the Met Police to create a boxing network for the police.

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The WBC community touches every boxing gym across the UK meaning that we can create new programmes at each new project location, growing the partnership across the UK and enhancing each project's legacy. Having a nationwide reach whilst also being able to deliver benefits at a local level is a key element of our work with WBC Cares UK

We’re thrilled to be involved and cannot wait to fill everyone in on this journey. The partnership will engage every member of the Group and provides exciting opportunities to mentor young people and share our experiences as we help them progress their careers. 

Our vision is to expand WBC Cares programmes across the UK, matching disadvantaged young people with exciting opportunities at Shore Construction. As the skills and labour shortage bites, our partnership is perfectly timed to meet this need and help with client Section 106 requirements. 

If you’d like to get more information on WBC Cares or to get involved contact